Any teacher will feel like a confident, appreciated, and Caffeinated Difference Maker while wearing this multi-colored Teacher design on a light blue t-shirt. Its play on the Tennessee license plate makes you grin while a printed yellow apple and green Tennessee sillouette pops off the shirt's carolina blue material. This Unique Enough original design was inspired by virtual teachers who find creative ways to connect. With all the regular classroom demands, doubled with meeting needs online, your unprecented superhero stamina can only endure with the help of caffeine and the inward drive to be difference makers in your students' lives.  A comfortable fit is well-suited for both male and female teachers, regardless of your grade. Unique Enough kindly dedicates this design to teachers everywhere - true difference makers and future shapers. To us, you are each a necessity. To your students, you are truly the greatest teacher ever! 

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Teacher Difference Maker Tee

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