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Somewhere Between

I don't think this one really needs an introduction. Stretch your brainwaves to enjoy this short story about Kind Rat and his friends, Let it be a breath of fresh air for your imagination!


Kind Rat went out to the field with Bo to help tend her flock of sheep. As they were walking, Bo pointed to the sky. “Look at what a lovely rainbow that is!” she exclaimed. “It is very pretty, isn’t it?” Kind Rat responded. A thought cloud shaped like a speech bubble appeared over Kind Rat’s head. “Hey Bo, it’s such a nice rainbow, let’s call every single one of our friends and tell them about it.”

They whipped out their Super Sleek smart phones to call everyone they knew. Bo called Red, Humpty, Pigs number One, Two, and Three, Jack, Jill, Hansel, Gretel, the Old Woman Shoe, and Peter Pumpkin. Kind Rat called Peter & Benjamin Rabbit, Jack Beanstalk, Sprat Lean and his wife Fat, Hubbard Cupboard, and of course The Clock Mouse. He decided not to call the Mitten Kittens, for obvious reasons.

Each of them showed up in the field almost immediately via the magic chutes and ladders of fairytale land, since you can be anywhere in an instant. (Everyone knows that if you want to travel in the most inexpensive, quick, and fun form of transportation you should always come using the chutes and go using the ladders.)

Once all their friends arrived, Kind Rat clapped his tiny paws to get everyone’s attention. It was hard for anyone to hear such a small and muffled sound, so Bo whistled shrilly. All noise ceased.

“Thank you everyone! We have gathered here today to witness the most beautiful and marvelous rainbow ever to be seen in our land. Behold!” Kind Rat squeaked and pointed to the sky.

Peter Pumpkin widened his eyes in disbelief. “It can’t be the most beautiful rainbow ever because that’s what you said last time!”

“Precisely.” Kind Rat replied, “Every rainbow is the most beautiful because every time you see a new rainbow, it is a different moment in time with unique hues, sparkles, and gleams. Consequently, this makes it the most beautiful rainbow every time.”

“Ahhhh.” Everyone agreed in unison with a bright tone of wonder that only comes from viewing a freshly painted rainbow in the sky.

While everyone was still gazing at the sky, Bo raised her hand to get everyone’s attention again. “Everyone, I must confess there was a second reason why I called you here today. I need your help counting my sheep.”

Lickety split, each friend began counting the sheep. After a few minutes they could not seem to agree on a number, but they were pretty sure the total of sheep was somewhere between 100 and 1000.

“Close enough.” admitted Bo. She started walking through the field with her sheep, Kind Rat, and all her other friends following close behind. Soon they reached a fountain where each sheep and friend gratefully stopped for a drink of water. After their water break, every one of them flopped down in the grass, quite satisfied.

For hours they admired the clouds while they imagined what shape they looked like. They picked buttercups for a few more hours and broke into Bo’s lunch box whenever supper time arrived. Before anyone knew how much time had passed, the moon came out.

The man in the moon smiled and nodded good night. Bo, Kind Rat, and all their friends started counting stars before drifting off to sleep, but they never could come to an agreement on how many stars were hanging in the sky. The total of glimmering lights must have been somewhere between 100 and 1000.

Kindra Thomas

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