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Poetry with Purpose

A short dialogue touches on Kind Rat's desire to write meaningful poetry, spreading kindness along the way. Read for full story!

Books of all subjects greeted Kind Rat as he tiptoed into the library. The librarian always instructed visitors to be as quiet as a mouse in the library. Needless to say, he had no problems abiding by that guideline. Soon he hoped to find a book about poetry but wasn’t sure where to start.

He approached the librarian’s counter and craned his neck to see over the desk. The librarian met him with a smile and a friendly, “What can I do for you?”

“I’d like to look for a book about poetry. “he squeaked.

“You’re in luck,” the librarian responded, “We just got in a book on the history of the world’s greatest poets.”

“Oh good!” Kind Rat replied, “Where can I find it?”

“It’s right here at the desk,” the librarian gently explained, “We haven’t even put it on the shelf yet.”

“Great! I’m honored to be its first reader.” he said with excitement.

“This book had quite a journey to get here. We ordered it a few months ago, and it finally arrived today. I suppose it was meant for someone just like you,“ the librarian remarked.

Kind Rat paused to think before answering quietly, “Yes. Perhaps it was.” The librarian scanned his library card and passed the book over to Kind Rat.

“Happy reading!” she wished him as he turned to go. “Let me know how the poetry research goes.” She told him as he opened the door.

He stopped for a moment with the door propped open. He inhaled the fragrance of ink and paper, memorizing the happiness he felt at the prospect of a new book.

“I sure will!” he said, “I think I’ll get so good at poetry that I’ll write a poem about the library!” he said in anticipation.

The librarian nodded and assured him, “I look forward to reading it.”

“That’s good,” he agreed, “Because if I wrote a poem about the library, I think it would be meant for someone special, just like you!”

Kindra Thomas

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