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Personality of His Own

Dear Readers,

I bet you would be hard pressed to find a more unusual nickname than Kind Rat, and yet, you stumbled on a blog written by yours truly. Yep, Kind Rat is definitely the most paradoxical nickname of all time (video below).

After I got weirdly designated with this paradox, Kind Rat took on a personality of his own and turned into a doodle. That alone is intriguing because it came out of a pretty low moment.

Probably like most people, I struggle day to day with a fluctuation of thoughts which sometimes produces fear of a lot of things: the future, possible rejection, etc. In the middle of dealing with that one evening, I picked up a sharpie and I started doodling. It wasn’t like I was trying to resurrect the spirit of Walt Disney or anything. I was just trying to cope with anxiety.

At first, the doodles that came up weren’t like Kind Rat at all. I doodled a girl, a boy, some flowers, a cat and other things that just made me feel happier. Not all of them happened on the same day either, but eventually Kind Rat an actual image. He hopped off the page and I was ecstatic that I had produced such an adorable little mouse! When I added him to my other doodles, I realized that my coping mechanism had awakened an entire host of doodle characters! I thought, “If these cute little doodles helped me, surely they can help someone else.” And that’s ultimately what led you to read this story at this particular time: the thought that a doodle could lift someone else out of a downturn and give them hope for the future.

The Kind Rat design is simplistic, but it means so much. When you see him, I want you to remember that he is sending a little glimmer of joy your way. If you look closely, you might notice that in the original design he seems to be looking upward.

The meaning behind this is tremendous and complex. When you look at, just pause and look up for just a second. Looking up helps you see great possibilities, allows you to see others around you, and might let you know for the first time (or even remind you) that someone cares about you and that there is a brighter day ahead.

Keep looking up!

Kindra Thomas (Kind Rat)

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