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Makeover Coming to a Bookstore Near You

It's amazing what a new start can do for me. The best example of this is I've always been the type of person who feels much better after I take a shower. As you can tell, my blog evidently feels the same way, so here we go! My blog is cleaning and polishing up for a new season. Prepare to get out your bubble bath, some comfortable clothes and some fuzzy slippers, and maybe even a nice cup of tea to settle into a brand new story!

Although these articles may have a different look and feel, they'll be ever inspiring and uplifting. I'm so excited for you to meet my larger-than-life characters and be encouraged by their experiences. It is my hope that you can connect to them, share their emotions, and grow up with them as they learn how to solve one mystery after another.

You'll get to meet human characters just like yourself who ride the rollercoaster of their coming-of-age years, all complete with a little bit of adventure, love, and a whole lot of imagination.

Meet Lydia, seeking hope and love despite a town council threat to ban all forms of music. If she wants to overcome a threat to everything she cares about, she must decide whether she will stick with the status quo, or risk being cast out for fighting for music's sake.

I can't wait for you to join me in this next chapter of my blog!

Your faithful writer,


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