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Lord of the Embers

In this story, Kind Rat takes a summer stroll in the castle courtyard of fairytale land. However there is no resolution, so it is up to the reader to finish it! What will happen next?


Kind Rat strolled in the castle courtyard. It was a beautiful summer day with bees buzzing all around. Of course, Kind Rat was a friend to everyone, even the bees. The bees buzzed to greet him and then went on to land on the flowers. Nothing was more stunning than a courtyard immaculately landscaped with all varieties of flowers. The gardeners landscaped quite well, and Kind Rat was fond of them because they often left cheese on the edge of the walkway for him.

He noticed his shadow was a trailing him everywhere he went. “Shadow, why don’t you follow someone else today?” he asked. The only reply he got from his shadow was a slight shrug of the shoulders. Kind Rat figured his shadow didn’t follow anyone else because it belonged to him. He supposed other people’s shadows had to follow them around. “Isn’t that neat?” Kind Rat observed. “Everyone has the closest friend attached at the hip all the time!” He realized the great joy of the situation, and immediately responded by holding his paws up to the light to make shadow puppet characters. “I could go into shadow puppetry!” he exclaimed “What a great profession that would be!”

As he contemplated the prospect of a lifetime career of shadow puppetry, he continued to walk through the castle courtyard until he reached the moat. At the moat, he sat down on the edge and stuck his feet in the water. He swirled and splashed and made a huge water mess. Realizing that he was hungry, he nibbled on the cheese he had picked up earlier and plucked an apple from a nearby tree. He saved it for later. He stood at the edge of the moat, admiring the shimmery scales of the fish.

“Kind Rat!” he heard someone call his name. He looked around and was glad to see it was the prince of the castle, Ash Lord of the Embers. He was in the lookout tower of the castle waving at Kind Rat. “Come here! I have something to show you!” Ash shouted. “Ok, I’ll be up in a second.” Kind Rat assured him. He made his way to the base of the tower, wondering what Ash would reveal when he got inside.

To Be Continued….

Kindra Thomas

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