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Great and Small: Kind Rat's Poem

Kind Rat's poem was written with the thought that if he were a real animal (who could talk), he would share his unique perspective on what it means to truly have kindness. Who better to speak on the subject than a cute and sweet anthropomorphic rat? Right? Granted, this requires a little bit of imagination, so his picture has been provided below to aid your efforts. Before you read, put on your imagination cap and think about this little doodle, hopping off the page and giving a short monologue on what kindness looks like.

Calling everyone, great and small!

All kind people will agree

With tiny Kind Rat’s monologue.

He is quite kind since it’s in his name.

So it comes as no surprise indeed

Because he isn’t wild, but quite tame.

He says he wonders about kindness.

Isn’t kindness what we all need?

But what about peace and hope and rest?

“No matter,” says Kind Rat

“Because kindness brings

Peace and hope and rest in fact.”

How does it bring

Peace and hope and rest,

When the world never to kindness clings?

"Because," says Kind Rat

"Peace, hope, and rest are feelings,

Feelings brought by kindness—the act."

What acts can you do when you’re stuck in a rut?

I would recommend that you just breathe.

Keep breathing and keep looking up!

Kindra Thomas

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