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Don't Stop Believing

Rock on! Your rock n' roll eighties tour starts here with you as the star!


Words So Good

Every story has a back story, just like every person has a past. The back story to this one is just a mood, an interest, and a passion. For almost an entire year, I considered the thought that it could be fun to focus my efforts on a "Through the Decades" fashion arena. I thought it would be a place where people could go online to find their favorite things from a certain decade, like everything surrounding the culture of the decade. Within the arena, every decade would have a specific nuance to its fashion, music, and culture that you could explore. Now, a year later, I realized this whole arena thought was perhaps a bit too hefty to accomplish quickly, so I decided to zero in on one of the most bright, colorful, bold, controversial, unique, confident, and fun decades of all time: the 1980's. My initial decades arena thought has been fully realized as an idea that I launched called "Don't Stop Believing". I'm using the mediums of photography, video, online blog (what you're reading now), and social media, along with all the resources social media provides to connect with other pop culture buffs, fun-seekers, and fellow 1980's lovers.

Let's Groove

Now that this is a real thing with real people, I'm so ready for "Don't Stop Believing" to rock n' roll into a huge interest group. It is all about exploring the 1980's and about time traveling into every area that made the decade so fun. At the same time, we'll be connecting with other people and bringing out each expressive element of our personalities via the written word, photography, videography, music, and much more. If there's any way to brand the 80's, it would be expression and uniqueness. That's what we want to accomplish here.

We want to create an online group that encourages everyone to let loose, have fun, be yourself, and express the side of you that likes to wear bright colors, sing loud, dance crazy, be clumsy, or whatever makes you unique. Are you ready? If so, let's groove with many other equally obsessed 80's pop culture nerds. (No offense...humor is a large part of what makes this group so cool.) Go ahead and get used to smiling often and laughing out loud!! If this sounds like your jam, go ahead and click to join the Don't Stop Believing - Kindra's Eighties Fashion Group, or tell a friend to join if you're already in the group. Be sure to let them know that you're in the group! A good way to get them to join is to tell them that you're in the group, that you' re awesome, and they should want to hang out with you. (Classic guilt trip, I know.) It'll work, trust me. If that happens to fail, tell your friend that they would be missing out on the most stupid humor, clumsy, funny, and so true Fun Time stories by yours truly. *wink wink* AND if that doesn't work, share this blog with them on social media and tell them to scroll to the very bottom of this page. -Pause now and take a look, it might make you laugh. After that, your friend must simply be crazy for not wanting to be a member of the best interest group about the most bold, expressive, unique, and bright decade of all time. And if that's the case, they will just be missing out on a good time with even greater people. Oh well, you tried to tell them, right?


You have scrolled to the bottom of this page because you're a friend of my friend who has joined Don't Stop Believing. If you're a good would TOTALLY join us. Can't wait to see you in the group!

Click and join: then comment to let me know you saw this blog and tag me, the admin of the group (Kindra Thomas). I will say hi, welcome your new membership, and thank you for reading my blog. But let's say you decide not to join...that's alright too. Just remember to "Raise the roof and have some fun." -"All Night Long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie

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