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Brownies It Is

A situational comedy follows Kind Rat and his friend as they perfect the art of stealth in this funny exposition. A classic “cookie jar” scenario gets some added quirks. Read for the full story!


Poor Jam was always causing trouble. And poor Kind Rat was always getting blamed for it. On this summer afternoon, the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies wafted in from the kitchen as Jam peeked inside. Kind Rat followed suit and poked his head in to see what Jam was looking at. Jam eyed the plate of cookies. Kind Rat interrupted the silence by declaring, “Cookies! I like cookies almost as much as I like cheese!” Jam quickly shushed Kind Rat and whispered, “Same here, but you have to keep your voice down.”

They tiptoed their way to the counter and Jam snatched two of the discs of gooey goodness, since Kind Rat was not big enough to reach the cookies. Once they ran to Jam’s room, locked the door and leaned against it, they knew they were safe to eat their cookies.

Jam laid down Kind Rat’s cookie on the floor so he could nibble away while Jam devoured his cookie and licked his lips. Satisfied, he wiped his chocolatey hands on this shirt. Only a few seconds had gone by when they heard a shrill voice call, “Jamithy Johnson!” from the kitchen.

Jam scurried to the kitchen to see what the matter was. His grandmother stood with her hands on her hips, pointing to the platter. “I made just enough cookies for the meeting tonight. And now I don’t have enough. Would you care to explain, Jamithy?”

He nervously pursed his lips together and scratched his head. “Oh, not at all, Grandma. I have a perfectly good explanation.”

“Ok, out with it,” Grandma commanded.

“Kind Rat ate your cookies!” Jam said with a cute smile.

Kind Rat looked up at Jam in bewilderment and spat out some crumbs to say, “Hey, watch it! I’m not the only culprit here!”

Grandma’s features noticeably softened. She admitted with a chuckle, “While it is true that rats eat cookies, I believe the evidence lies on your shirt.” She gestured to the chocolate smears.

Jam’s face colored a little as he looked down at his shirt. “Oh, I guess you’re right, “he confessed.

Kind Rat couldn’t resist commenting, “Next time just watch where you wipe your hands!" He suggested, "Maybe we could offer to help Grandma make some jam to smooth things over.”

His friend returned, “Maybe we should make brownies instead. I think we’ve made plenty of jam as it is.”

“Not a bad idea,” Kind Rat agreed with a laugh, “Brownies it is.”

Kindra Thomas

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